Hotel Amika provides you with an exotic experience of comfort and convenience. The exclusive amenities of Amika are specially designed to facilitate an inordinate stay. Spend your vacation or holidays with Amika to make them an incredible memory. Visit Hotel Amika with your family or loved ones to experience the stay in an ecstatic ambience of peace and elegance. Hotel Amika gives you a more productive environment and more extensive experience of happiness than you expect..

Meet the Chef

Our chefs are supreme professional cooks known for their exquisite cooking styles and tastes. They have exclusive formulas to prepare extensive recipes of incredible flavours. Our chefs are proficient in preparing recipes from various cultures. They authentically prepare those delicacies that glorify your taste buds with an immediate blast of taste and pleasure. Experience the joy of tasting with the exquisite preparation of extensive cuisines from our chefs.


Our Spa provides you with exclusive services that retain both your physical and mental health. Our spa professionals are well-trained to provide you with world-class services. Our spa professionals carry out many sessions to help with rejuvenation and relaxation. Our specialities are well-trained and well-maintained with immense equipment to provide you with supreme wellness services. Our spa ambience gives you a promising spa experience.


Hotel Amika opens you to a great amenity to proceed with your early morning gym routine. Our Gym has exclusive services to aid you with your fitness routine throughout your stay in Amika. Our fitness professionals assist you with your fitness doubts and common gym mistakes. The gym facilities include a special professional, supreme branded gym equipment, and a serene ambience. Our gym provides you with a friendly environment with immense facilities for use and practice. Hotel Amika’s gym installations provide you with the best services. You would never miss out on workouts while you are staying at Amika.

Bird Watch

Natural beauty is immense In and Around Hotel Amika. The winged beauties spread peace and harmony, and bird watching in Amika provides you immense pleasure. The exotic birds are the regular visitors of Hotel Amika. The glimpse of these joy spreading pretties provides you with delight. Hotel Amika also organizes a bird-watching session for its guests to make them blend with nature and its essence.

Walking Trails

Hotel Amika is situated in a place where you have many trails. You can relax with the soft breeze and a healthy walk on those beautiful trails by adoring nature’s blissful creations. Our trails are long and lively by capturing a lot of blissful natural resources. The long trails pay you a way to explore and become intimate with nature. The underlying essence of nature becomes known with a long happy walk.